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Learning Begins With Us

At FTMI, we are more than just an institution of higher learning; we are a community dedicated to fostering excellence, nurturing innovation, and empowering our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Established with a vision to transform lives through education, we take pride in our rich history and the countless success stories that have emerged from our campus.We believe that education is a powerful tool that has the potential to shape the world. With a diverse range of programs and cutting-edge curricula, we are committed to providing a transformative learning experience that equips our students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

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Curriculum Overview

The Future Tech and Management Institute aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best social and cultural life.

Computer Application

Hands-on experience with the latest programming languages and technology.

Management Programs

In FTMI Institute provides students with extraordinary learning opportunities. You start by gaining a broad understanding of engineering principles from the first-year.

Engineering Programs

Embark on an engineering journey of innovation and excellence, with our diverse range of cutting-edge engineering programs.

We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

Enjoying my college experience: awesome friends, cool professors, and lots of fun. Still, exams are tough, but it's a blast!

Jitendra Rana Software Engineer

Inclusive community, supportive faculty, diverse opportunities. Campus life rocks. Social scene buzzing. Empowering education. Proud to call it home.

Akriti Agarwal Software Developer

Great professors, engaging courses, vibrant campus life, but parking can be a nightmare. Overall, it's been a rewarding experience.

Akanksha T Software Developer

Decades ago, cherished memories were forged. Small campus, lifelong friends, and dedicated faculty. Timeless lessons, enduring pride. Nostalgia beckons.

Akshay Gowda Software Engineer

Affordable, quality education. Small campus with limited networking. Found lifelong friends and mentors.

Priyanka Software Developer

Friendly classmates, diverse perspectives. Budget cuts affected programs. Learned to adapt and persevere.

Shivani Verma Software Developer

Make yourself ready for the journey to your ambition.

  • Solving critical and complex global problems with the help of quality education.